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Jaw Dropping Realisation

It has just occurred to me that I have found a very good piece of software for blog updating and editing, the controls are very easy to use, the layout is minimal but functional and the options are phenomenal. The easy to understand part is over, and now comes the part that might just stop you in your tracks, makes your eyes widen and your mind explode, because I am talking about a piece of free, almost default software that comes straight from the headquarters of a company famed for being bad with software(from my point of view and that of all Mac users) that being Microsoft, yes you heard me right, Microsoft have made a great big leap in the last year, firstly with Windows 7, a fantastic upgrade from the abomination of Vista and now with a piece of software that makes blogging so god damn easy that even more people could start a blog and do it well.

The Software comes in the Windows Live Essentials pack which you can download from there website, or if I recall correctly it is an optional download within the windows update control panel within Windows 7, Windows Live Writer is its name and blogging is the game that it plays very well.

I have tried Contribute, and it failed, so I use the web to update blogs straight from the WordPress Control Panel, which I find to be very good at its job but Live Writer is so much easier; setting up default actions is a click or 2 away, these being images sizes from a drop down menu, inserting images is as simple as clicking on the file, the adjustments are fluent and the advanced features are intuitive. And I am fully aware that a lot of people will disagree or being a Mac user, not able to test out the software, so I am so glad that I decided to dual-boot a while ago, mainly for cheap games, but now it seems, Blogging.

{Windows 7 plays very nicely on a 2010 MacBook, with a small partition of just 45GB, mainly games as I have mentioned, drivers work straight away, the navigation is simple and I’d highly recommend it to everyone, even the Mac-Fan-Boys, of which I am an avid supporter of the Macintosh Computer Line up, excluding the MacBook Air, and the Portable Devices excluding iPhone, iPad and iPod Shuffle, the Apple TV is in limbo.}

If you are able to test out Live Writer, do so, the setting up took me 5minutes in total, that’s including the customisations to images and posting.

The only thing that still annoys me about all of the different blogging software is that none of them to date, will correct the lowercase ‘i’ as I type, which is a simple feature that I use in all the time within the Creative Suite and Office and cannot find a solution to the problem within Plug-ins or extensions.

So if anyone knows how to solve this, comment below.

Live Writer2

It’s so simple, so easy to use, so good at what it does and yet it feels so wrong, a product this good should be developed by third-party developers in response to Microsoft’s appalling software department,  and yet it isn’t, could MS being getting better? is it right?

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