Baking in Progress

Welcome to the portfolio website for Christopher Johnson. This website is currently under construction.

Void of Design


I know that a lot of people will look at this page thinking that there will not be anything worth looking at due to the title, this is basically because the literal meaning of this blog is ‘Lack of Design’ or the version that I use is that in the world there is a void where good design should be, a hole in the world in which I will fill this need for good design, thus the -Void of Design- is here.

Through the criticism of this title I have looked into the sort of web presence I could have; this is because I feel that having a similar name to that of other designers could and probably will be confusing in the long run, my name was obviously the first place to start when looking in to this, and with a name like mine, the limits have been reached, the tag that I used to use {ReKreate Design} is also taken in many forms and so I looked into alternatives, when I can up with the current Void of Design. Now that I have chosen my identity I felt that I would scope out how id seem online; this led me to discovering 4 design websites at the top of Google with similar names, annoyed to find this out I looked into the sites and a sigh of relieve shot right across me as I found out that one of the sites seems to be a linking site and nothing to do with design, another being a design site but very bad and annoying for anyone to navigate and the other 2 are equally bad.

In order:

-The Void-

the void home

This website appears at the top of the google search and is a design company based in Manchester, the site is flash and the menu is the box of pills; like most people I don’t understand why this is and what the point is. The whole time you are on the site there is music playing in the background which after a few seconds becomes annoying, the site seems like it was created on a whim and without any ‘Real’ thought as to what the idea was, and coming from a company advertising that they are digital creatives this seems to be hype and no-show. -link

-Void Design-

void design

This website is a disgrace to even have the word ‘design’ in the title, the page looks to be a holding page for all the unrelated links that it has to distribute; on this page you have a quote as a header, which is to do with design but not about why they are online using the title, and has a lot of info about free speech, dreadful design. -link

-Design Void-

Design Void

A home page that is exactly that, a page with nothing else, and no indication that they are building a site or if they intend to, so there really isn’t much to say on this page, a very Gothic typeface set in a deep grey on black is standard, basic and a waste of time and money as seen. -link



A better site than the one previously mentioned as it actually has some information on it, the site is “under construction” and I hope that it has something to do with design and not another one of those linking sites. -link


From this I can keep my online identity name going and have a websites that is not in the design realm, par se but will get noticed in amongst this bunch of ‘sites’ if we can say that with full honestly; which I cannot, I don’t want to seem that I am slandering the other sites because they happen to be in the area of the web of which I will inhabit, but I do truly feel that the sites here, are and will be dreadful and that my site, once designed will be at least 60% better to most people and 300% for creatives when they are looking for someone with the skill in which I posses.

Holding my design head high I can continue with ‘the plan’ and hopefully you will see a lot more work on the web by me, and in the streets. (if you live in Norfolk)