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The Past in the Future: A Television Story

Today, while watching John Bishop’s Britain online I noticed a familiar object that has been part of my life for 11 years now, a familiar wooden box with buttons and a highly curved screen, an object that represents 2 weeks wages when I was 10 and that has been the best buy of my life so far. The object in question is a Mitsubishi colour TV. {the one shown int he show is slightly different to mine in that it has a volume slider where I have volume buttons, up, down and mute.}

Mitsubishi tv

The reason I find this so interesting is that I have been very curious about my television since buying it and a few years a go I send all the information I have about it to Mitsubishi to see if they could tell me anything about it, but alas they knew nothing. The e-mail basically said that they have not got this TV on there records and could not tell me anything about it; which was a huge disappointment, that came up even more so than my Google search to find out more, a search revealed that the serial code of the TV was that of a jet engine used in Japan, of which I say that this is the only jet engine to pick up TV without an aerial, all be it very fuzzy, but with visible images and high quality sound.

Some people know this story and others do not, whereas some might think that I do not even own said television.

My Television

With regards to the show I’d just like to say that your portrayal of this TV is not justified, although it cannot compete with today’s technology it works very well, lacking of ports and thus getting to the end of its useful life, but then I only have a Playstation 2 and that works fantastically well.

For those who will not watch the show and find out what the situation was that I disagree with I’ll sum it up.

The setting: A cottage in “the middle of nowhere” in a place called Berwick upon Tweed (John:”for those who don’t know, it’s miles away from anywhere, it’s on the border between Scotland, England and Narnia”)(Local:”Internet? it’s Berrick son, we haven’t even got CFAX”)

For those who like the authentic script and visual setting visit

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  1. Mel
    April 13, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    AMAZING TV!!!!

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