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Tease Made at Start

On the Monday of our holiday we decided to visit the Tease Made Exhibition in Bristol; an illustration exhibition showcasing the talents of Chris Dickason & Peskimo.

Teasemade Flyer

Being a person who likes to plan things I was very annoyed to find that we had turned up during the exhibition dates but while standing in the pouring rain outside the place we thought it was, nipping in an asking to find that we had just go the wrong door, no harm done we thought, no the gallery space was where we thought it was and on this very wet and cold day standing outside a locked door we look at the flyer again and discover that, like most places now…it Doesn’t open on a Monday, the new Sunday. very annoyed and wet we continued our day missing this exhibition out.

On the Wednesday before coming home we decided to revisit the Start Space Gallery place; this time the weather was better, not good, but better and the door was wide open and inviting, we had turned up 40minutes before they were scheduled to shut but we assumed that it might be a bit more of a buzz, alas we were the only people there.

The exhibition space was split into 2 rooms, the lobby area where the organiser sat at a desk, and the back room where all the work was displayed, like a lot of the smaller new age exhibitions the work was printed and hung on the wall with Bulldog clips for the main part but where the work got smaller or more tactile the layout changed; for example there were a selection of soft large-scale sugar cubes with faces, and a wide variety of hand drawn, painted and sketched work just stuck to the wall.

The flooring was a bit scary in places where it seemed like there was a hole but a bit of board was enough to cover it up, now i know this wasn’t the case but i felt a little nervous about standing on that space for a long time, which meant that i didn’t look at one piece of work as much as all the others.

-The Work-

I didn’t pay that much attention to who’s work I was looking at as this was not nearly as interesting as the work itself, all of the work on display was amazing, the colours very vivid in places, the textures were lovely and the compositions compliment all of the above,but the best bit was the content, the work seemed to be humorous, witty and serious while causing a debate all at the same time but just on the subject of Tea…what!?!? a stereotype drink for the English causing the talents mentioned to create the work they have, a strange source of creativity but with a great result.

The big work was great to look at and you can but only gawk at the outcomes with envy but tit was all of the little pieces that caught my eye, the small pieces that had a lot more character to them, the witty lines, the illustrations and the format made the designs jump off the page and seemingly (although not literally) dance around the room filling your mind with questions as to whether or not the words came out of fact, fiction of a dimension of their own, in the same way that the style encapsulated the content beautifully.

If your read this before the exhibition closes and you’re in the area, it is well worth a visit, Buy Cialis it depends on how much you take an interest in the work as to how long you’ll need, but 45minutes gives you a long time to study the images down to the way in which the colours are printed next to each other and not blending, to the grain of the paper itself. I don’t know that the place is like at the moment but what i can say is that the Start Space give out a Wicked and well put together goody bag, the bags were printed with one of the illustrations and filled with the usual business cards, flyers and advertising but i was, to Kirsty’s annoyance, lucky to find 3 pieces of signed work included in the bag, one being a signed print by both illustrators, and 2 Peskimo hand drawn pieces, a standard looking postcard sized double water drop image on what feels like normal printing paper and a large square sticker which had a photograph of a building on it with hand painted clouds and a marker drawn character on the side, and of course all signed in the corners.

{More reviews and posts to follow}