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Several Decades of Pleasure

That is to say that you have to love comic books, I mean really love comic books, which I don’t normally, but when you see this collection I promise you that you’ll want the computer screen to suck you into the screen and teleport you here. Literally!

I’m not talking about a small collection of comics, or even a medium-sized collection, I’m talking about a huge, collection of Super Hero/ Villain comics from the trusted DC Universe coupled with Marvel, 2 of the most prolific writers and illustrators ever. Opinion of course, but the opinion of several million people worldwide, and if you are not one of them, shame on you!

The Collection

You see what I mean? the biggest collection of comic book that I have ever seen, there are so many to count, too many to read within a year and far too many to even begin to upload shots for your pleasure.

Sorry, silly me I have used the wrong shot, let me have a look for the right one?! Here it is:

The Room

And before you say “that’s not a lot” I have to point out that there are 2 more rows below the picture, there are 10 boxes like the one shown at the bottom, the one with “OBI” on it that are packed full, there is a half-size shelf to the left and a filing cabinet to the right also filled up. That’s approximately 10,500 of the standard paper sized comics, 2,300 paperback book sized comics, 800 comic annuals, and a further 4,000 a4(ish) comics in hardback form; so correct me if I’m wrong in saying: ‘you, the reader are now trying to get the teleporting screen trick, mentioned earlier, to work’ which might seem a little odd to some people to perfectly plausible to me.

And just for those who are reading I have a few pictures that you might like, they all come from the same series, that being ‘Final Crisis’ dating 2009 German publishing.


And a few individual copies that I particularly like.

Final Crisis Green Lanturn

Final Crisis Super Woman

Final Crisis with Gun

Final Crisis Blue Man

Final Crisis Bat Man

Final Crisis Bat Woman

To top it off I found this very nice, yet horrifying image within one of the comics, and seeing as I don’t have time to look through them all this is the best image found as a first page turn.

superman and batman

And finally, a ‘Marvel Monster Edition Comic of Captain America’

Captain America Mega Comic

Hopefully I will be able to see a lot more of the comics while here, in Hamburg and even get some nice examples of these classics.

Happy Drooooooling.