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I know that this is not what I normally do but in this instance I feel that it was a good idea.

Anyone using a trusty Apple Macintosh Computer whether it be MacBook, iMac or iPhone one of the best website to visit is:

islayer or their iPhone dedicated site Bjango

They both have free and paid applications that are very useful for everyday tasks and additional features that you might like to look into. I currently use:

iStat Pro widget

iStat Menus

Organised widget

there is a iStat Nano for those who would like to see a select few details and don’t want to faff around with the pro version that has a lot more advanced features.

On a side note, Onyx is a brilliant tool for cleaning out the clutter that a computer makes on a normal day, these tasks are very simple to use, in fact the easiest way to do a decent clean is tick all the boxes on the automation tab and execute them all.