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Real Projects and the Art of Faith updates

This being a weekly thing sort of makes it seem repetitive, and especially when I forget to update on the thursday and wait till the following week. Back to business, the day on placement went well, starting with a morning chat about the web design feedback from the client.

Overall they really liked the design and had minimal updates to the original template and designs, these got corrected fairly quickly so that I could start working on a skin for the Pledge Wall, this is a flash area that displays messages from people about the event or just thoughts and images, as they have got the functionality to do live painting built-in. This flash area is static and cannot be moved but they needed a skin to go around it that follows the same theme as the website, the tasked seemed very simple to begin with but once I got into it the designs seemed to get a lot harder, a few designs were done but I’m not completely happy with any of them.

The next stage was to create some corporate guidelines so that all additional designs could adhere to my designs, this was a big thing for me as it meant that I was creating a new brand that other people will be following, to think my designs will be live and out of this I’ll be telling people how to design for it. This is a BIG thing for me, almost as good as seeing a design of mine on a billboard (the thing I’m working towards), so far the most exposure I’ve had is this project but I did once create 2 flyers for the Great Yarmouth Borough Council for some services that they do, a localised exposure but it was worth it. The guidelines were only started before the day was out but I got to do 5 pages, one with the logo exclusion zone, various colour-ways, colours, primary font and safe font.

Next week I’ll have a proper update with images as the website is going to be coded after next Thursday.