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Racing Gold Fish


Finally, the preparation and the dedication (from certain groups) has paid off as yesterday showed. In the afternoon we saw a private view for industry and specially invited people explore the wonders of the annual NUCA end of year shows; followed later on by the general private view for family friends and anyone who wants to come in to either look at the work on show or as you might expect, have some free drinks on the students.

This year has been very different to that of previous years as our exhibition has been re designed to be a lot more open and bright, plus the added bonus of being a lot more eco-friendly due to all the work being hung on paper rather than foam boards, like the other courses. Overall the exhibition was a great success with a few people getting offers, either on print work or for jobs; which at this time is a valuable aid for all the students at the moment.

The main thing that I have taken away from the end of year show is that if you know something that isn’t necessarily on show it will come back to you when you have a great selection of friends, word of mouth gets more attention than a business card, well not all the time but it has worked for me thanks to Mark Amos @foliosoul, Chris Elms @chris_csp and Kerry Armstrong @armstrong_gcd to name just a few.

To find out more about the Designers on show visit as the main portal, or should that be fish tank?!

If you’re a design agency then you might want to visit out D&AD stand as there is a Biorb Fish Tank being given away in our newspaper, Stand 40.

{all the fish were designed by Leigh Evans at Norwich University College of the Arts}