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New Phone = Portable Media Station

Basically I took a big risk and eventually completed an upgrade, which to some people I know this will be a shock. But I’d worked out that if I don’t upgrade now its possible I never will, and that could be a big hindrance to me as a designer.

I, like most people looked around at the current market and found out that the phone of choice is, would you believe it – the iPhone. And I know from Kirsty that the battery life is shocking even on the newest model, so I wanted to find a phone that had a great spec for blogging, surfing, emails and messaging, as well as a fairly decent battery.

The phone that immediately caught my eye was the tattoo by HTC, a small powerful phone that had the things I wanted at a reasonable price, previews didn’t agree with this and I looked further till I discovered a review about a new phone coming to the market, the desire, a power house of a phone, these was great, better than great, so fantastic in fact they I had to actually store and least have a look.

Long story short-er I jumped on the contract phone boat and upgraded from my Sony Ericsson W550i which has lasted 5 years and has been through the wars, it is now put to one side to peacefully live, the phone that in the end had a broken case lack of features they. Are now needed, but the best bit is they it is and was the best phone I have ever owned, the battery life is still up to 2 weeks on q full charge and it has done every thing I wanted it to.

-HTC Desire-

HTC Desire

I’m very pleased with the phone overall, it has the gadgets that I want, not the ones they most people have as I don’t really like Facebook or Twitter so I’ll never use the friends stream widget, but Twitter is becoming more bearable as time goes on.
The typing is easy and responsive, with a very clever predictive text function; the screen is a nice big bright responsive piece of kit, who I have not had any major problems with it, except it being maybe a bit too responsive when selecting items and it selecting it properly. The internet is ultra fast and easy to.use in the same way that the iPhone is, the pages load quickly and when possible in mobile format which not only speeds up load time but the way in which I can get to the information I want, this is not a new feature but it is new to me.

Like all new smart internet email phones on the market, the battery life is appalling but manageable, I have been using a power saving widget to quickly turn off features that im not using to save as much power as possible; where the only problem this poses is that in direct sunlight the screen with no backlighting is not visible, with automatic lighting its only slightly visible and when you have full brightness the screen can be seen but not fully.

At the same price and with the same features, the HTC Desire is worth a look when selecting a new phone, especially a smart phone where it is going to be costing 30 pounds a month for 2 years.


With the announcement of Froyo, which is Android 2.2 it has been rumoured that the Desire will be one of the first batch of smart phones to be updated on the dawn of the first official launch. Literally cannot wait, the speed boost, the flash integration and the java updates will be brilliant.