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Morning Critiques

This morning was going well, the day started a bit boring but it was a normal morning of boring things; then I arrive at the studio to find a group critique, seems fine enough, wrong.

Firstly I find out that the person’s work that is being talked about cannot speak, and all the work that is being shown is the finals or very latest work, this led to the first person having a sheet of paper on the table that was ripped to pieces that turned out to be that of the actual logo currently in use and thus pointless for the person in question. The whole no talking thing got better as other people had their work on show but in general this was not a brilliant idea, but nor was it a shite idea.

Secondly, a while ago someone said something that made sense and now it has become a catch phrase for the tutor in all possible situations; this phrase being “you’ve got to have a fricking idea” and it worked out that this was being said every 25 minutes or for every critique, which annoys me immensely for the fact that we were all there when this was said and we get the point and we know what this is, means and everything else that could be used to sum up the concept of this. This is on the same level of annoyance as the Catherine Tate saying of “am I bovered” where everyone will say it and within a few days it was feel decades old.

Thirdly there are a few people who always do the same sort of stuff and always get the same sort of grade then it turns into being that they are the only ones who could possibly do that in a project, but when someone else tries to do a similar thing they can be put down for it, not the style or medium but the idea of sticking to a way of working, more annoyance.

Forth and finally, Book Jackets, Spines and the reasons for buying a book. Maybe I am a strange person but I buy a book based on the content and maybe the spine but never the cover, this said the covers can look good and cause curiosity but I feel that the whole art of Book Cover design is wrong. I don’t care about the front cover of a book, if i am looking for a book to actually read then I buy a book with a good story, if this is a design book i expect the cover to have been designed, a book that is meant to educate me has to have the right words in it to teach me the subject matter that want to learn. A novel get printed on the strength of the writing and people buy books to read a good story, people who care more about the design of the front cover is either designing it or never read.

Ranting aside the people who got critiques had a lot of good feedback and some have a clear route to pursue.