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Mega Awesome Retro Vintage Television Title Design

Now, to begin with I’d like to declare the fact that I am a big fan of this style of design but I have not been able to mimic the style to give it the justice it deserves. Secondly I did not grow up with this show and have fairly recently stumbled upon this gem of design, and I love the show almost as much as I love the title that precedes the show itself.

The show in question is “Jeeves and Wooser“(imdb article) which stars the infamous Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) and Hugh Laurie.

{My Synopsis: Laurie’s character Bertie Wooster is a dim aristocrat who has the very intelligent man-servant Reginald Jeeves, the man who sorts out most problems that present themselves. It’s a funny, witty sitcom that is enhanced by the cast, that can also seem a bit outdated to the youth of today.}



Jeeves and Wooster Title2

Jeeves and Wooster Title3

Jeeves and Wooster Title5

Jeeves and Wooster Title6

Jeeves and Wooster Title7

Jeeves and Wooster Title10


Jeeves and Wooster Credits4

Jeeves and Wooster Credits2

Jeeves and Wooster Credits3

Jeeves and Wooster Credits1

The Design

This design has become popular by the phrase ‘Vintage‘ or ‘retro‘ despite them also describing a lot of the design from the 50’s and 80’s respectively, where the show is actually set during early 30’s, pre-second world war.

I love the simplistic block colours and graphics, they are however, much more elegant during the title sequence than they are as flat graphics, I do however love the idea of having a series of postcards, posters featuring some of the graphics on show, especially the car, the title of the show, the 3 musicians above the actors names and the chairs, also with the actors names below.

The scenes blend together beautifully, a man playing the clarinet pops up behind the drum player within a spiral, and as the music continues, a car drives past the stage taking you towards the next scene. these little transition last a few seconds but look amazing within the context of the design.