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Long time no Blogging

March 5th you say, this being the last time that I blogged about anything, let alone anything interesting.

The reason for this lengthy gap is that I have been concentrating on university work and I’ve also been on holiday; only 4 days away in the UK but a holiday none the less, a few days away from everything – except the weather –

I have also been doing a lot more design work for Real Projects and the Art of Faith Exhibition, of which there are a few updates but no images, this is because I have not finalised the majority of the designs and want to unleash them as a sneak peek just before the live date which, assuming everything goes to plan will be the 15th April.

1.The Website has been completely designed & is currently being coded.
2.I have been working on some of the game designs, but only one is finished, and is currently being approved by the client.
3.The Pledge wall has been sent off to be coded.
4.The presentation at the Cathedral was to showcase the designs to a selection of trustees and teachers.

and finally I’d just like to say that *This* work placement has been the best so far, the guys at RP are very good at what they do, they have allowed me to creatively tackle this project on my own most of the time which has paid; the interactions with clients and the large, daunting presentation has only helped me to develop.

-Aside from Work Placement-

I have recently been on holiday with my girlfriend to the western side of England, this being mainly the Somerset area; we stayed in Beckinton, and visited Bath, Bristol, Frome, Cheltenham. The reason for the visit was a holiday and an art trip, we scoped out there area first and found a little gallery doing an exhibition on Tea, which Kirsty is currently looking at for her studies, as well as textiles.

For now this is all I’m going to say here, as i am going to create new posts for all of the reviews and nuggets of info/ design.