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iStat Menus Version 3

iStat Menus-General

Finally the new update to that handy piece of software is out and this time you, have to pay, so like most people I will stick to version 2 and not get the network working on my new Macbook; or this is what I though when I first heard about iStat now charging; seeing as the pop up has happened a few times since the release of V3 I have thought about upgrading to it, mainly because the network function of this software was the reason for downloading it in the first place only to find that it does not work on my new MacBook, and because I feel that I want to give something to the developers who took time to create this really quite handy and functional software.

If you have paid a lot of money for a new Mac then you already know that you want to look after it, keep it in full working order and if there should be a problem you would want it fixed asap, so with this application you can quickly see if there are any under lying problems that may cause your computer to not be working fully; this could be one of the dual cores not working in hot conditions, a fan over spinning, the disk drive overheating and so on, and I feel that I would rather know what is happening than wait for something major, which can stop my work flow.

-Paid apps, are you kidding?!-

Like most people I love free software, so the recent development to the iStat menu telling me that it is now paid didn’t go down well, as I have been waiting for an update to fix the network problem on my new MacBook. Alas the update came with a price, this time literally, the software is now 10USD for a single license and it gives a new cleaner, and easier to use interface which compliments a lot of their other work, seeing as they are developers for the iPhone and Mac, I told myself over and over agin that the update was not that important but I couldn’t hold out, so I went ahead and brought the upgrade.

The upgrade is as nice as I thought it would be plus extra, the interface is really easy to use and very nice to look at, not that is a reason to spend money on this app, along with helping out the developers I feel that this was money well spent, I now get tech support, updates till a new major update i assume, or they could be really nice and give updates forever now that I have paid for it, either way I now have the upgrade and I love it.

If you need the update to get the network working on your Mac then I would highly recommend this to you without hesitation, so go to the preferences menu, click ‘check for update’ > get it now > install > buy > be happy :D, Easy.

If you have never even tried the free version up till now, then your missing out (assuming that you like to know whats happening with your mac, which I do, seeing as it costs rather a lot to not notice that the heat sink might be overheating), so www [dot] it over to: Bjango

While you wait, check out these screenshots: