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{iSlayer Review}

As noted in the previous post I don’t normally write reviews about things, it always seems like a waste of time and normally I feel that no one really cares what I think, but what the hell I’m going to tell everyone anyway.


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islayer apps

iSlayer is a small software company who design & build Mac related software; this is broken down into a few categories; one for the iPhone, one for Mac computers and out of these you have some very good statistic tools as well as the ever nostalgic and brilliant Lava Lamp.

I have recently started using iStat Menus as it was compared to a network tool called “DU Meter” but for mac; this tool allowing me to see how much data had been used since log on for the broadband as we have had some download issues, which we found out to be the throttling of Virgin Media once you have exceeded the ‘fair use’ policy the internet download speed went from 10mbs to 0.3mbs.

iStat Menus is a very complex and useful tool for monitoring computer temperatures{making sure that it’s not overheating, make sure that things are working properly, to make sure that the fan is not obstructed}hard drive use and capacity{useful to see if you are running out of space} and the reason I downloaded it, the network functions{how much data you have used, which helps you keep an eye on prices if you have to pay for data, e.g mainly if you have a portable computer with 3g internet} the applications are very well designed, easy to use, handy tools for everyday statistics (although not a big feature, you can see how long your computer has been on in that one session, the average is meant to be 5 hours)

If you have a need for any of these apps I highly recommend them, if you have an iPhone there are some apps for them which do the same things, but those ones do cost outright (one of my friends has, based on my review, downloaded the iPhone stat app and the Macbook pro iStat server and can now wirelessly look at his computer to see the basic information about it, useful for when he leaves his mac in the studio and go to the print room, it will let him know if anyone as if we would has used his mac while away to say watch some funny cat videos on YouTube)

iSlayer should be at the top of everyone’s download list.