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Hever Castle and it’s many wonders

It’s been a long time since my last post and a long time since visiting Hever Castle; but I feel that it is something worth sharing none the less.

A few months ago I visited a friend down in Tunbridge Wells, a place that I had previously visited the Christmas before he moved there; this time the castle was open on the days in which me and Kirsty had decided to go down, meaning that the trip was worth the traveling. A bit of personal history to start this off; My Girlfriend and I are keen travelers, mainly around the UK and mainly to places where the arts are, Galleries, shows and Architecture primarily, where we both have a love for the reign of the Tudors, and who doesn’t know of Henry the 8th, the most well-known and prolific of all the countries rulers, whether it be for the 6 wives, the constant betrayal of trust between himself and all of the alliances he set up or for the way in which he conducted his business, it’s fair to say that he is one of the greatest Monarchs of the England, and I for one love this.

The day as it unfolded, the overcast morning seemed to impact our expectations of what it would be like to visit the castle, as there is nothing worse than a horrible rainy day walking round a giant garden, especially if it could be so much better during a nice day; the weather in fact got better, a cloudy morning turned into a sunny afternoon, and upon arrival we headed straight for the lake and Italian gardens.