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Welcome to the portfolio website for Christopher Johnson. This website is currently under construction.

For those who want to play

A while ago I designed and build a website for a driving instructor in Brighton, on the South Coast, but due to technical problems that I could not do it was pulled and a not so nice design of a site was then put up because it has the needed functions. This will have caused a few people to be directed from my blog to the new design, based on template software and not my design; but thankfully I have the files still and for those who would like to see it in action can.

Follow this link to a working version. Driving is Fun! (Screenshots below to jog your memory as to the design)

and for those who may not know this is the logo, in the top left corner actually links to a short animation that I initially pegged for the website, Flash was meant to be the best platform to design websites on, but I quickly decided that coding was a better way to do it and thus a snippet of the original flash site is not an ‘Easter Egg’ of sorts for those who know.

{All prices and contact details were correct at time of designing, so if you are in the South and require Driving lessons, I’d highly recommend him.}

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