Baking in Progress

Welcome to the portfolio website for Christopher Johnson. This website is currently under construction.

Drive with David Website – with images

To begin with this is more of an amendment than a new post, but editing a previous post seems counter productive considering I want to get this noticed.

Back in November 2009 I completed a website design and development for a driving instructor in Brighton, there was some problems and such like, as you’d assume with technology and a new set of skills; this led me to get the project signed off and it is now in the care of the owner, the site has changed slightly since my final design but nothing that makes the site any less functional.

The site that I completed looked like this:

Drive with David Home Page

Drive with David Instructor Page

Drive with David Lessons Page

Drive with David Useful sites Page

The design was set up so that all the information would be in direct view of the viewer, the scroll bar was not needed and this allowed me to play with old coding, as well as the newest to create a unique layout and style that is not like any of the other driving web sites. To see any updates or if you’re looking for an instructor visit