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CS5 64-Bit???

I have just installed the trial for this new piece of kit, and being curious I decided to have a look in activity monitor to see what was happening in the background only to find out that the only program out of the 5 main programs running in Intel 64-bit was Photoshop, all of the other programs were still in the 32-bit seen in the previous versions. Now either I have heard wrong and Photoshop is the ONLY 64-bit program or there is something not right at Adobe.

{update} or possibly because this is a trial they have only shown PS in 64-Bit to illustrate the difference between the software, before the final release; if so I do not remember them making this clear, and if I was right to believe that they ‘Could’ Be duping the consumer by selling the products as 64-bit, while only giving them PS in this format.