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Welcome to the portfolio website for Christopher Johnson. This website is currently under construction.

Recap on the old blog


{from the Bleeding Cowboys Fury Post}

I am the designer of the Discord Music Promotions identity and most of their publications, as part of this I have to speak to the manager and get the bands logos….

“Disaster strikes…. why oh why do all the metal & rock bands that are low-key use ‘Bleeding Cowboys’!?

I see that it is a nice font; but they all use letters that have swashes that overlap each other and generally just look shite. Now i mentioned this to one of the bands that sent me the logo, and said that I’d look into their logo and tweak it so that it doesn’t just look like the other half a million that use the same font. This was ok but when I showed them the new one they all voted for the simple ‘just typed‘ typographic logo.

Is this a cult where you HAVE to use that font to be successful in the music business?, NO, be original and think a little about how your first communication with the business world will be, the floods of these sort of logo’s positively annoy the hell out of me. At least use a different version of that letter so that you don’t end up with overlapping grunge beaten up distressed swashes that can and ultimately do end up with irregular images being formed for no reason other than ‘following suit‘ and pure down right laziness.”

Recently I didn’t get time to design the latest poster which you can see on the website, the manager himself designed it, so the level of creativity is not exactly there but I suppose the main info is. I will be getting back into that designing later on.


I designed and coded Drive with David, which has recently gone live and is doing well, the user interface has had many positive comments.

{from Driving Website Update Post}

“As no one know I have been working on a website for a driving instructor; the template is rather simple and the layout is modern and practical, there is nothing special about the coding either. All this said I feel that the site works really well for its demographic and is really easy to navigate around the site.

Today I found out that it was going to be going live, Yay, but there has been a technical problem which saw the site become a directory list, nay, I have since contacted the owner and now I’m going to try an upload to get the site working to its full potential.”

{from Drive with David goes Live Post}

“The website is now finished and live, from the earlier post you know that I had some designing problems with linked CSS files but I have since, fixed this problem.

My CSS is working, the spell checker has been done and the content is new a web design and not one of those driving websites.”

I have some plans in process for this site as it is seen as my flagship design but I haven’t got round to implementing these yet, so watch this space for updates.


During the summer of 2009 I spent 3 weeks at Blue Hat Technologies (now the yolk), which are a team of web developers.

{from the Work Placement Post}

“I’d previously met John, managing director, after a web-based lecture earlier in the year; the first few days were, boring where not a lot happened but this was acceptable seeing as I didn’t know any of the web coding that they use so I was on set up and updating email accounts/ blogs for the up coming Twestival.

The Twestival stuff that I was involved with was the lower end of design that I have previously done, the lack of design software was a BIG problem for me, only having internet access and Photoshop CS3 made layouts and text very difficult to work with on the slow machine.

The designs were ‘ok’ and I think that I can take them now and improve on them for the future.

The Best part of the placement was learning some HTML / CSS and web-based information with Tom Clark, one of the guys on the development team; he managed to help me create a fully working, easy to update site using new coding techniques and skill in 3 hours spread over a few days, this for me was fantastic! The site is going to be used once finished and I can’t wait to post a link to it, for the person that reads this. Blue Hat are very good at what they do but I wouldn’t get them to organise a charity event in 3 weeks.”