Baking in Progress

Welcome to the portfolio website for Christopher Johnson. This website is currently under construction.

Art of Faith Logo Sign off & Website Design

Last Thursday during my usual slow morning wake up and somber walk down to Real Projects at the horrible time of 8:30am start; I found out that one of the logo designs had been signed off as the final version, this being version 2 of the second round of designs and not in the before mentioned yellow and green but the Yellow and Lilac with the deep Grey for the smaller words, serious design to continue from this.

This logo should start appearing on stationary and websites.
the Art of Faith Logo Final

There are a few minor tweaks that I would like to look into before this is the full final no return design, but these are so minor that they wouldn’t matter if they could not be used.

The next step on the design list is the website, once I had settled in on the Thursday I got the message that the corporate style site is more likely to be used and thus the designing of the website skin to go over the wire-frame had commenced.
The idea was to keep the site as simple but functional as possible while not showing faith or make either of the users feel as if they should be on another site, for this I kept the white theme for the main site, applied a deep grey background so that the white area standout better and applied colour in minimal ways so that, when they are used they are the most dominant and thus easy to find, navigate and search through.

the Art of Faith Website - Home

the Art of Faith Website - Audio and Video

The little things that happen are; when you hover over a link in the navigation bar it reverses colours and become a focal point, by using the block colour and the extension, on each of the pages the items are highlighted in similar ways so that they can be identified as the right content, and when more of the pages are sorted out along the bottom of the site there could be a block swatch with all of the colours so that the user could also use these to navigate if they were familiar with the areas.

The initial feedback from the client has been positive and thus this Thursday will be creating the rest of the pages or tweaking the template so that the web developer can start on the coding. {updates to come}