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American Museum in Britain – Claverton Manor

On the last day we decided to visit 3 places that we hadn’t been to, the first being Frome (no post needed to sum up a small town that seemed half closed due to weather, except the fact that down one of the main streets there was a one foot gap running all the way down the middle which turned out to be the main guttering, how quaint.) and the second being the American Museum in Britain, a place that was mainly for Kirsty as she wanted to see the Quilt Exhibition that was running, but seeing as i had to be there also we explored the whole house and despite the rain again we went through the gardens, but not on the trail.

The house itself was located at the bottom of the hill originally but during its conversion it was taken down and re-built on the top of the hill as it had a much better view; with the house relocated the interior was being sourced, yes Sourced as all of the rooms in the place have been taken out of real American homes in places like Massachusetts(yes I Google-d that name) and New York. When I say rooms were taken I mean Rooms were taken, skirting an all event he wallpapers and floor boards; which is a strange idea but one done for a good reason, why try to replicate an American house when you can have the parts of the house you want to show made from actual materials from the period and location you want.